[Member registration information]

You can sign up for membership immediately via the "New Account" menu, and you don't need to enter all the information you need to fill in at the time of your account.
You can participate in events for members and various discount events.

[Order guidance]

Orders for goods are made in the following steps:
- Step1: Check the product
- Step2: Put it in the cart
- Step3: Member ID login
- Step4: Complete Order
- Step5: Select a payment method and pay for it
- Step6: Order successful screen (order number)

[Payment information]

Make a deposit
You must have the same deposit name and order amount as you entered the order for the deposit to be processed.
If the depositor or amount is not the same, it may be omitted, so please leave a message on Q&A.
Orders not deposited within two days of your order will be cancelled.
If you make a deposit after cancellation, please leave a message in Q&A and we will check it

( Account number: Kookmin Bank 532001-01-308498 Authentic Wardrobe )

Credit card payment
If you want to cancel part of your credit card payment, please contact the customer center.
The amount of the canceled product can be converted to deposit.

Real-time account transfer
The real-time account transfer must have an amount to transfer to the account and requires a public certificate.
Transferable time may vary depending on the bank.

Non-bankrupt virtual account
If you set up a bank to deposit rather than a seller's account, a temporary account will be created.
The virtual account must be deposited by your name, which is the same amount as your order information, before the deposit is automatically checked.

[Shipping Instructions]

- Delivery method: Delivery
- Shipping Area: Nationwide Area (Korea)
- Shipping cost: Conditional Free / Add 2,500 won when the order is less than 100,000 won.
- Delivery period: 3 to 7 days (based on business days)
- Delivery Information: Delivery is within 3-7 days of payment confirmation, and can be extended or shortened due to factory, fabric, and account assessment.
Insufficient inventory or delayed delivery may take more than 7 days.
The basic shipping fee is 2,500 won, and shipping charge is free for purchases over 100,000 won.
Jeju Island and mountainous wallpaper or island areas may require an additional 1-2 days, with separate surcharge.

[Exchange/Return Notice]

Please leave a message in the Q&A Bulletin Exchange/Return inquiry within two days of receipt of the product.
After checking the seller's answer, please wrap the product as it was in its original condition.
Please leave a message in your inquiry and send us the product immediately. (Return within 7 days of receipt of product)
Please send the return request to CJ Korea Express (1588-1255).
If you send it to other packages (including convenience store parcels), please return it in advance, and additional charges will be charged to you.

( Return Address: #306, 26 Sangwon 1gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, Korea)

Please include the reason and contents of the exchange and return in tvhe box you exchange or return.
Enclosed please find 5,000 won for round-trip shipping and 2,500 won for refund for exchange based on your simple change.

*In case you receive free shipping benefits on purchase
- If the actual purchase amount is more than 100,000 won, excluding the returned goods, / 2.500 won for return shipping (with free shipping benefits)
- If the actual purchase amount is less than 100,000 won, excluding the returned goods, / Pay 5.000 won for return shipping (no free shipping benefits apply)

*If there is a defect in the product, the seller will pay for the shipping fee and exchange it for the same product,
but if you want to exchange it for another product, you will have to pay for the shipping cost, even if there is a defect.
*All exchanges can only be made once.
*For return shipping, we request payment to our account. (Kookmin Bank 532001-01-308498 Authentic Wardrobe)

Exchange/returns and refunds are not possible
In case it is stated otherwise that exchange and return are not possible
Products, labels and tags by you are destroyed, damaged, or contaminated.
In the event that the value of the product has decreased due to your use or some consumption
(use of the product, traces of wear, odor (sweat, perfume, aromatic) repair, laundry, etc.)
If resale is difficult after the exchange and return period
(please leave a message in the Q&A Bulletin Exchange/Return inquiry within 2 days of receipt and send it within 7 days).
If you send it to the customer center or Q&A bulletin board without an application, processing may not be possible.
Please understand that depending on the resolution of the monitor, you may see a slight difference in color from what you see on the screen, and the size may vary by 1 to 2 cm depending on the standard of measuring.

[Refund Notice]

- In case of a refund, we will check your return and refund your payment within business days.
- If you pay with credit card, cancel your credit card approval so that you won't be charged.
(However, if the payment can be made on time for credit card payment, the credit card company will refund the payment for next month.)

[Other Information]

- According to orders, reserves will not be converted to actual usable reserves until 20 days after the completion of the order.
- It will be classified as unused reserves for 20 days.
(Unavailable reserves are reserves for orders that are not actually purchased in case of returns or cancellation of purchases.)
- A minimum purchaseable reserve (a purchaseable reserve line) is 5,000 won when using reserve funds.
- The maximum purchaseable reserve (maximum amount of deposit available once) is 100,000 won when using the deposit.
- n the event of cancellation/refund of an order, the reserves reserved for purchase of goods will be cancelled together.
- he reserves will automatically expire upon withdrawal from the membership.